Covid-19 Update 23/03/20
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have postponed all netball leagues in line with Government advice. Player safety is of paramount importance to us, and so we implore all of our netball community to stay at home where possible.

Given the fluid nature of the situation, we currently don’t know how long the postponement will go on for. We will therefore be updating our teams via our usual weekly email which will go out each Friday. Currently, at whatever point we start up again, we will pick up from where have left off.

Stay at home where possible, keep your step count up, wash your hands, and look after yourself and each other. Finally, please stay in touch – we will remain active on social media, keeping you amused and in the loop. Once again, sorry for the postponement, and we’ll be in touch. 


Check out Instagram Page for fun stuff during this postponement.

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What is Versatility?

Versatility is a fun and fast version of netball with just a couple of simple changes. Firstly, in versatility netball, every player switches position every time their team scores.  This means that you get to play every position throughout the game. Secondly, we use basketball hoops so it’s much easier to score!  If you’re new to netball, have not played netball in a while or just want to improve your all round game then try versatility netball.

Ladies versatility lower and upper leagues run on Monday evenings. Register your interest here.

Versatility Rules

The basic idea is the same as regular netball: get the ball through the hoop!  Many of the rules are the same as regular netball: obstruction, contact, travelling, offside etc. but there are a number of fundamental differences…

Versatility is played with 5 players* on court for each team – GS, GA, C, GD, GK.
Players rotate positions each time their team scores a goal.  The GS goes to GA, GA to C, C to GD, GD to GK and GK to GS.  The team that has conceded a goal do not rotate.
It’s played indoors on a basketball court and the basketball hoop is used to score.
The game is played as two 18 minute halves with a two minute break at half time.
There are no outs at the end of the court, so the ball can bounce off the walls (although you can’t bounce it to yourself).
The centre pass must be received in the centre third.  After this there is no “over a third” rule.

*Substitutes can also be used so that the GK goes to the sub position (off court) and the player who was the sub goes straight into the GS position.

The basic rules of netball still apply.  Like netball, versatility is a non contact sport and rules such as obstruction, contact, footwork, playing  advantage, offside, and replayed ball are still fundamental.

Each player can only go in the same areas of the court as they would expect to if they were playing netball, the centre pass still rotates each time a team scores, three feet is still three feet and three seconds is still three seconds (even if it still feels like less!).


We run regular netball leagues on Thursday nights at Highbury Grove School. Seasons are 12 weeks long and matches are played at 7pm, 7:40pm and 8:20pm – a different time slot each week.

They are 3 leagues currently running; ladies B (intermediate), mixed B (intermediate) and mixed C (recreational).

Fill in the registration form to sign up as an individual, group of friends or a full team.

For season start dates and costs please click here.