FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! We have an upper and a lower grade so we’d suggest you start in the lower grade to get familiar with the game.

The school is open from 6pm on Mondays and 6:45pm on Thursdays.

For a 12 week season: 4 times. For a 16 week season: 6 times.

You need to sign in before each game that you play.  The sign in sheets are on the reception desk as you enter the venue.

There is a forfeit fee of £65 (netball) or £50 (versatility) if a team doesn’t show up to a fixture. The best thing to do when you think that you may not be able to field a full team is to get in touch with us as early as you can. We might be able to help you find fill­ins so that the game can go ahead.

We do not offer training sessions directly although our sister league playnetball.com often have an independent coach run training sessions at our Angel venue. Please contact training@playnetball.com for more information.

We do!  Playversatility.com provide all the necessary equipment. You just need to show up with short nails, no jewellery and appropriate clothing and footwear!